“I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over.
Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

Monday, June 6, 2011

Unveil and touch me

Unwrap my tempting prize
explore all my curves
with wide open eyes

Caught in your spell
you dip into me
overflowing my ink well

With a gentle pinch
bending over and over
caressing my every inch

Touch my soft shape
with a delicate hand
unfold me and drape

We’re bound by connection
moving as one form
through poetry in motion

With your tasteful decoration
playing hours on end
giving all night satisfaction

Exposed in your light
focusing on my body
undressing me all night

Bind and hold me
with every quick turn
you set me free

Dripping with honey milk
your slow moving hands
like fine smooth silk

Bringing out my colour
brush this hungry canvas
with your spicey flavour

Unveil my bountiful glow
play up my assets
from head to toe

Grab, sculpt and mold
with teasing light fingers
passion has now unfold

© lisameryl 03.20.2011

One of my passions in life are the fine arts. I’ve studied it and have been blessed to being surrounded by artists, photographers, writers and musicians my entire life. What I didn’t know on my own or through college, had learned from family and friends along the way. I thank each and everyone one of them for those amazing experiences.

In a broad sense, art is skill in making or doing. The word art is often used in a more specialized way. Some individuals feel that broader definitions make art no more than a craft. They would prefer to use the name arts for such activites as painting a picture, writing a novel, or composing music. Activities such as these, designed only to produce a work of art, are often called fine arts. Decorative arts include ceramics. Graphic arts include all forms of printing, engraving, etching, photography, book publishing and binding. Art for many only include great paintings and sculpture. The useful arts such interior decorating, give everyone the chance to bring beauty and good taste into daily life. Music is one of the most expressive and satisfying of the arts for the creator, performer and audience.

Forms of art: Architecture, carving, ceramics, commercial art, cooking, dancing, decorative, drama, drawing, engraving, fashion, graphic, interior decorating, literature, lithography, motion picture, music, painting, photography, poetry, sculpture, theater and writing.

Styles of art: Arabesque, Baroque, Bauhaus, Byzantine, Carolingian, Christian, Classicism, Gothic, Naturalism, Pop, Realism, Rococo, Romanticism and Surrealism.

Lost in eachother

Be my insatiable lover
pull me in tight
your mouth takes over
I’m all yours tonight

Keeping one another company
pressing my heart string
losing ourselves in harmony
within our wicked fling

Awake from my dreaming
beneath your powerful finger
you have me screaming
with sounds that linger

We’re hot and steamy
succession of endess tune
our concerto sounds dreamy
a gentle caressing swoon

Your fingers tease me
pounding me through percussion
rhythm sets us free
surrendering to the passion

Timing is of importance
sensual crescendo is heavenly
succumbing to our performance
coming together rather immensely

Ravaging in the celebration
our voices echo sighs
exploding with multiple vibration
releasing our wild cries

© 2011 lisameryl

Music is one of my passions in life, for it’s my favorite universal language. One can express themselves in so many ways through this beautiful language. It sets the mood and feeds your soul. I love Jazz, blues, rock&roll, folk, classical, reggae, disco, pop, showtunes and more.

Music is a basic social and cultural activity of mankind. Music has existed in some form since the earliest days of man. A great musical instrument is man’s voice. He undoubtedly used his voice to express himself through music long before he thought of making music with instruments. Music can take many forms reflecting many different ways of life. All types of music have one thing in common. That is, all music is a form of communication in which sounds are deliberately organized in some manner for an artistic purpose. Composers and performers use music to communicate with their audience. Music for listening must be loud enough for you to follow all that is being played and sung. It is easy to accept music as a quiet background sound that helps provide a pleasant atmosphere. Groups of instruments are: String, wood-wind, brass, percussion, keyboard, vocals and so on.

Dance with me

Bodies together in flight
grinding of the hips
swaying throughout the night
moisture wets our lips

Caught in the beat
pounding of the heart
light on our feet
performance of fine art

Rhythm taking us over
magic in the air
seduction like no other
we two can share

Your hand in mine
alive with many expectations
moving forever in time
feeling all the sensations

Lost in the moment
holding one another tight
succumbing to the movement
our timing is right

Language with endless expression
making the physical connection
shaking with much passion
leaving behind all inhibition

© 2011 lisameryl

Two of my biggest passions in life are music and dance.

Dance is the oldest and liveliest of the arts. We express our feelings in rhythm and body movement. Our ancestors left pictures and writings which told of their dances. The dance is the language of the body. It draws people together in their thoughts, feelings and emotions. A dancer can communicate any subject and idea to their audience. A dance can be social, allowing everyone to take part in it. As in poetry and song, the dance can be any style or form. Throughout the ages, the dancing body has inspired the musician, sculptor and painter. Much of our social dancing today is for the pleasure of companionship. The dance reaches its most beautiful form with those who treat it as an art. From primitive to ballet to folk to modern to jazz, dance is an endless language of fine beauty and art.


Taste and devour

Lips seductively tease
an eager tongue
slow with ease

Bringing me pleasure
drinking you in
devouring your measure

Strong and bold
keeping me warm
from the cold

Like fine grape
ripe and juicy
aching to escape

Most beautiful sight
with fruitful nectar
throughout the night

My loving savior
taking me over
with fragrant flavour

You and me
blushing with colour
passionate and free

With fancy flight
feeling wildly unhibited
giddy and light

You’re fine Australian
with lovely French
German and Italian

You taste sweet
succulent and spicey
most delightful meet

You’re simply devine
sinful and delicious
my bottled wine

© 2011 lisameryl

One of my passions in life is a fine wine. I’ve been to several tastings and have done my own research on wine. I’ve tasted many lovely wines imported from around the globe over the years…a beautiful thing indeed.

Wine is the fermented juice of the grape or some other fruit. A lovely and popular alcoholic drink. Poets have sung the praises of wine. Homer, Pliny and Shakespeare wrote of the friendliness of wine.

Omar Khayyan painted an immortal picture of contentment with his verse in the Rubaiyat, “A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread-and though”. The Greek God Dionysus (called Bacchus by the Romans) was the God of wine and looked on as the God of good living, lawgiver and promoter of civilization.

Wine has come down from the ages as part of religious celebrations such as the Roman Catholic Mass, Jewish Ceremonies and some Protestant Services. Many countries around the world produce various wines. Among them are Argentina, France, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Australia, Africa and the United States. California produces approximately 85 percent of the wine in the United States.