“I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over.
Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

Sunday, March 13, 2011

You are beautiful...

Many will bring you down
with pure joy from it
never be sad or frown
you’re a most BEAUTIFUL fit…

When others spread their hate
hold your smile in place
with love, it’s never too late
allow light upon your face…

When life becomes hard and unbearable
remember you’re admired by many
truly BEAUTIFUL in every single way
I leave you with these words from my heart and soul
with love always…

When the days grow cold
reach for my hand
to comfort and hold
for I do understand

Words cut like a knife
lean on me anyday
you’re not alone in life
I’m there in everyway

Never live in shame
you’re a most BEAUTIFUL flower
others are to blame
this is your finest hour

When you’re lost in pain
count on me being there
to shelter you from the rain
for I truly care

You are never alone...

Live with all your heart
hold onto your dreams
I won’t let you fall apart
when your life’s in seams…

Shoot for the moon above
beautiful star for all infinity
my heart is with love
to give you for all eternity…

Be that bird in the sky
with a song in your heart
spread your wings and fly
with strength from the start…

When you’re at the end of your rope
feeling lost with nowhere to turn
remember you’re too important in this world
it would never be the same without you…

I leave you with these words from my heart and soul
with all my love always…

Never feel you’re alone
you can count on me anytime
our friendship has grown
no mountain we can’t climb

You’re loved by many
life would be sad without you
take this lucky penny
my love and friendship are true

Never give up on hope
stronger than you know
I’ll help you cope
when you’re feeling low

In the darkness of the night
you will always shine
when you need more light
I’ll give you mine

You're loved always...

Throughout all the years
seasons bring joy and pain
filled with smiles and tears
drowning in Sunshine and rain…

When the days are long
you always have a friend
this love is with song
words to you I send…

Remember, you’re loved always everyday
I’m with you through thick and thin…

I leave you with these words from my heart and soul
Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all
with all my love always…

Life is with eternal change
unpredictable as the raging ocean
embrace my promises of forever
unfolding before you with compassion

Through gentle and stormy weather
my spirit’s everywhere you go
feel it within your heart
you’re loved more than you know

Breathing every Sunrise and Sunset
perfumed flowers in the air
pebbles stretched along the sands
knowing my soul is there

Like the deep endless sea
with all the words I say
my heart’s with you always
you’re loved every single day

Have faith...

We lose our way
through time and healing
love showers our day
life has new meaning…

Step into the light
leave behind the lies
counting stars at night
hearing our anguish cries…

I leave you with these words from my heart and soul
with all my love always

Have a little faith
never lose the fight
demons are our wraith
wisdom is your light

Search within your soul
embrace all the love
wanting to be whole
praying to heaven above

Clear out the pollution
follow your own destination
love is the solution
healing our dying nation

Seek out the truth
believe with all passion
living souls are proof
with heart comes compassion

Live with good reason
peace rules the day
conquer another mad season
hope’s here to stay

You're heart and soul...

Live your best life
leave behind the sorrow
pains like a knife
look ahead to tomorrow…

Break from the darkness
for hurt only shatters
leave behind the sadness
love is what matters…

I leave you with these words from my heart and soul
with all my love always…

Love makes it real
the pain has lied
it’s time to heal
the demons have died

Seek out some solitude
grab peace of mind
keep your positive attitude
happiness is never blind

Find reason to live
set your spirit free
with hope to give
sorrow drowns by sea

Others may resent you
come forth in voice
they haven’t a clue
there’s always a choice

Time for a change
take back the night
inspiration is an exchange
breathe in morning light

Words shall be told
you’re heart and soul
life never grows old
let your love roll

With love and appreciation...

When you’re feeling down
alone through the night
I’m with you always
bringing you some light…

Count on me everyday
my heart is here
when you need comfort
from a long year…

I leave you with these words from my heart and soul
with all my love always…

Let your heart shine
when broken in two
I’ll give you mine

Life can be cold
embrace all my love
with arms to hold

I’m by your side
never do you harm
my light will guide

My words are true
never feel you’re alone
I’m there with you

When you need inspiration
listen to your soul
follow its given direction

Speak through your pain
allow yourself to weep
you never need refrain

If lost in despair
count on my heart
bringing tender loving care

You have my admiration
through words of praise
with love and appreciation

Always with you...

When falling into darkness
with nowhere to go
I’ll swallow the sadness
your light shall grow…

Time on your side
I’m with you friend
with tears I’ve cried
these words I send…

When you’re feeling doubt
overburdened by the years
I’ll see you throughout
slaying away your fears…

I leave you with these words from my heart and soul
with all my love always…

Throughout night and day
with every single breath
I’m here to stay

Changes are in the air
listen for my gentle whisper
knowing I’ll always be there

I’ll shine the light
sending out your prayers
heavens are listening tonight

While miles and oceans apart
these arms are open wide
holding you in my heart

Hands drinking your tears
painting you hopeful dreams
colouring away bitter years

When you’re drowning in pain
my soul will swallow darkness
erasing sorrow fallen like rain

Miracles are long overdue
never lose your faith
I’m always with you

Mother Earth...

Mother Earth is…

Paint by number
heaven and Earth
swimming in colour

Drowning in tears
consumed and raped
destruction for years

Beauty with grace
land and water
our sacred place

Full of rage
neglected and abused
confined by cage

The human race
past, present, future
time and space

Choking on pollution
blind and helpless
without a solution

Every living creature
great and small
our bountiful teacher

Looking for blame
man and war
a crying shame

© lisameryl, 03.13.2011